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The Key to the Future of Electronics Advances is Solid State Storage

FlashBridge™ is the process our technical team has developed to manufacture and produce highly re-workable modules to cut overall cost of producing chips. With board stacking difficulties solved, FlashBridge™ is able to create innovative products and applications including system on a chip with the DIMM’s on one layer, the NAND Flash on another and the controller on another.

This layered module provides the following advantages:

1. Add additional devices that can enhance wear leveling and increase the modules LDE and capacity.

2. It allows products to increase capacity without using additional mother board space. The fact that the only space used on the mother board is the small area of the connectors or the BGA (32mm x 8mm) the space beneath the “Flash-BRIDGE” is all usable space. The small footprint of both the 341 and the 142 combined with our ability to deliver large capacities for this size allow designers to use SSD’s there they had previously never imagined.

3. Connection options – To date most of what is offered in SSD’s are 3 major form factors 1.8”, 2.5” and 3.5” most of these are then placed in casings that allow them to replace existing HDD’s using USB, SATA or in fewer and fewer cases IDE connections. We are able to connect via these standard ways but we also offer the ability to be direct connected or BGA soldered directly onto the mother board (as stated above, saving critical space). All of this offers increased durability (higher shock and vibration resistance) increased speeds and more reliability (eliminating any issues with connector wires).

4. Flexibility and ease of product integration – all of these scalable options allow the FlashBridge™ technology and process to be quickly modified to work within a designer’s needs. Our understanding of the assembly process allows us to scale our production up and down as volume warrants and is easily and quickly able to be implemented using assembly lines all over the world making us excellent partners with a wide variety of OEM’s. The fact that our processes do not use exotic equipment or materials keeps our overhead low and our output quality and volume high.

5. The technical team we have assembled and these first 2 sectors of products (142 and 341) offer an unprecedented ability for FlashBridge™ to roll out a line of modules and our own consumer products that will be at the cutting edge of the industry.

Due to our manufacturing process, we are able to relieve storage I/O bottlenecks and reshape the traditional storage paradigm, making storage system architects rethink the way enterprise storage systems are designed.

While server processor speeds have increased on a regular basis over the years, disk drive storage technology has not kept up. While enterprise class hard disk drive (HDD) densities and sequential throughput performance have improved, random access performance gains have been minimal from generation to generation. Storage system manufacturers must aggregate (RAID) hundreds, sometimes thousands of HDDs to achieve the performance requirements of a particular customer application.

The typical storage paradigm leaves data starved servers and users waiting for data contained on rotating media hard disk drives. Access latency due to mechanical rotation is the reason most server processors today are underutilized. This is the I/O bottleneck in most configurations. Adding more servers and storage to the problem can help but at significant cost in the form of hardware, software, licensing, energy, cooling and maintenance costs.

With SSD's a reduction in the total cost of ownership is realized almost immediately. With smaller footprints, faster read/write speeds, lower operating temperatures and lower power consumption solid state is the answer. FlashBridge™ produces only solid state drives so our focus is not diluted trying to be everything to everyone, we are the best solid state drive manufacturer.


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