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FlashBridge™ Corporation has developed a new, exciting, unique and innovative Manufacturing Process (MP) called FlashBridge™ that enables us to produce reliable re-workable Flash Memory Modules cheaper, thermally and electrically more efficient, and smaller than anything on the market. FlashBridge™ can embed secure state of the art storage technology directly onto an OEM’s motherboard. FlashBridge™ is poised to deliver storage technology soldered, connectorized, or in the existing 1.8” and 2.5” solid state drive market offerings. FlashBridge™can deliver a smaller, faster, better supported product with shorter lead times and better customer service than all existing alternatives. Our patented process can offer solutions that simply weren't possible before.

FlashBridge™ is the process our technical team has developed to manufacture and produce highly re-workable modules to cut overall cost of producing chips. With board stacking difficulties solved, FlashBridge™ is able to create innovative products and applications including system on a chip with the DIMM’s on one layer, the NAND Flash on another and the controller on another. The spacing between the layers creates an air flow, essentially a thermal conduit, enabling the components to perform as their own heatsink without additional support, therefore reducing the DIMM temperature by 16 degrees. This significantly reduces production complexity while increasing efficiency, leading to smaller & more cost effective solutions.

Due to our innovative FlashBridge™ manufacturing process, we are able to produce the finest solid state flash memory modules, caches & drives with the highest capacity in the smallest footprints.

Our modules support ATA-7 specifications up to programmed Input Mode6, IDE Ultra Mode6, and Direct Memory Access Mode4 and combine high capacity and high speed with low power consumption.

FlashBridge's™ NAND Flash Memory with it’s 16 flash chip enabled pins per channel supports dual/dual channel flash memory access and up to 64 memory components. The on chip hardware 8 bit BCH-ECC engines can correct up to 8 bit errors per 512 byte data.

These devices specifically target the needs of OEM designers in the server, storage cache accelerators, networking, military, medical and data communications markets requiring reliable internal storage with an extremely small footprint. FlashBridge's™ FB142 is also a natural fit for mobile and embedded computing, medical, automotive, and industrial applications. The small form factor, reduced weight, low power consumption, and fast data throughput are major advantages of the iSATA Solid State Drives over traditional rotating hard disk drives (HDDs) and other embedded solid state products.


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